Now Building Intel Ultrabooks

  • Ultra Portable - razor thin and extremely light
  • Rapid Start Technology - from full sleep to fully awake in 7 seconds
  • Smart Response Technology - super fast access to files
  • Anti-theft Technology - lock down a lost laptop remotely

An Intel based ultrabook is a stylish and powerful mobile computer and A Computer Werks offers top quality services and prices. Contact us today and we'll spec out and build your dream ultrabook.

Complete Computer Systems and Component Upgrades

Is it time to upgrade your computer system? Having a hard time finding a custom solution to fit your needs? Whether its piecing together the right fit, reconfiguring your existing computer, or building a customized solution from scratch A Computer Werks can help! We sit down with you 1-1 to find out exactly what your business needs and help you find the right solution for your IT and computer needs. Why waste time and money on computers and software that don’t do what you need them to or trying to piece together different components that never quite fit? A Computer Werks helps you put together the right computer to fit your business needs. Call us today at 512-694-1746 to find out how! 
computer repair

Available Computer Components & Systems

  • Hard Drives
  • Wireless Routers
  • Computer Monitors
  • Video Card
  • Computer Input Devices
  • Memory
  • Network Components

Complete Custom Computer Systems

Chances are that if your computer hardware is 3 or more years old, it’s performance is costing you money in lost productivity.  If it has a Windows XP operating system, this software was produced prior to 2001 and is very outdated and subject to risks from hackers and other security threats.  Microsoft is closing out writing security updates soon and this will leave you vulnerable to more malicious threats. Let us build the perfect computer replacement that offers up to date software and the latest computer components. Get back to being productive by calling us today at 512-694-1746

Computer Component Upgrades

Not quite ready for that full system upgrade? Or needing additional memory for that new productivity software or computer game? Contact A Computer Werks and we'll help replace those aging computer components. We use only name brand products at competitive prices so you're sure to get the best quality products for your component upgrades.