Hard Drive Data Recovery

PC Repair Services

Your company’s information lives on the computer. One virus can crash your computer and wipe away all of your records. Don’t leave it to chance. Let A Computer Werks set up a data backup and recovery plan. We’ll help you protect your company’s data and store it so that no matter what disasters come your way—natural or otherwise—your small business is protected.  Already had a computer crash? We can also help recover data from damaged and broken computer hard drives. Contact us today at 512-694-1746 and protect your business! 

computer repair

Does Your Computer Store...

  • Family Photos?
  • Tax Returns?
  • Important Documents?
  • Financial Records?
  • Business Plans?

Cloud Based Data Back-up Services

Do you have a large staff that works off-site? Are you using cloud-based tools to manage and run your business? Believe it or not, you’re responsible for backing up your information, even if you’re using a third party website. Protect yourself and your data with our cloud-based data backup services. We’ll look at the tools you’re using and come up with a custom plan that will leave you protected, without breaking the bank. Call us at 512-694-1746 to learn more about our off-site or cloud based data back-ups, and we'll discuss your specific requirements and offer our solutions.