Hard Drive Data Wipes

PC Repair Services Repurposing old computers or upgrading to a new one? Need help transferring data from an old computer to a new one, or removing old files? A Computer Werks can help you move your data from one computer to another, or completely erase an old hard drive so that your businesses private information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Had a computer crash and need to retrieve the data from the old hard drive? We do that too! Call us today at 512-694-1746 to learn more. 
hard drive security cleaning

When to Wipe Hard Drives...

  • Donating computer to charity
  • Selling your computer
  • Throwing your computer away
  • Recycling your computer
  • Upgrading to new hard drive

Hard Drive Data Destruction.

We provide data destruction and computer drive “wipes” to MIL specifications, on site or at our shop.  We can provide documentation of secure data destruction for Hippa standards and governmental or commercial financial data destruction per customer requirements.